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Please complete a description of the activity/project/item you would like to purchase with your classroom grant. Let us know the total dollar amount required to fulfill your request and your preferred method of receiving your classroom grant. In the details space provided please tell us who to make the check payable to, or the website to make the purchase on your behalf as well as any other pertinent information.

If you apply before 11/3/23, you can receive more grant money! Details below. See below for more information.

Classroom Grants

PTSA is proud to provide classroom grants of 1 grant per teacher per school year in the amount of $200 if applied BEFORE 11/3/23. If submitted after 11/3/23, applicants will receive $150. Applicants must be a member of the PTSA, so if you have not joined for this school year, please do so by clicking the button down below and follow the directions to enroll and pay your annual dues. Submissions need to be in small essay format and provide a brief description of the item/activity and how it will benefit your classroom. Samples are provided below to understand what we are looking for. 

Grants must be used for activities, projects or items that involve educational opportunities for the students. Grants may not be used for school parties, ceremonies, or award events, etc. Items must remain with the school when the teacher is no longer a staff member at West Wing. School services are eligible to apply for a joint $150.00 to be used by the unit (such as Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech and Reading). Special areas are eligible to apply for $350.00 grants if applied BEFORE 11/3/23 (Physical Education, Art, Band, Music, & Technology only). If submitted after 11/3/23, Special Area applicants will receive $300The above stated requirements for grant approval still apply.

Apply for a Classroom Grant

To apply for a classroom grant, you must be a PTSA member with a paid membership for the current school year in which you are applying for the grant.


Please proceed below to purchase a membership or continue on to the grant submission form for current members.

To receive more grant money, become a member and apply BEFORE 11/3/23!

All submissions are due BEFORE April 5th, 2024.

Sample Essays

"I am writing to you to request a grant for my classroom to make take home bags for my students. These bags would be used to reinforce the skills that are being taught in the classroom. The focus of these bags would be reading, writing, and math. I would use the money to purchase books and supplies for these bags. Thank you very much for your consideration. :)"

Stephaney Wild

1st Grade


"I would like to request a grant of $75.00 to go towards purchasing Book Boxes for each of the students in my classroom. We use these with our Daily Five Activities during our Reading block each day. They store the books they are currently reading, a Reading log to track the books they have read, and their Writing Journal to use at the Writing Work station. I would like to purchase 25 book boxes to complete a class set. I appreciate your consideration with my request!"
Lori Bohlman

3rd Grade


"In 7th Grade Social Studies the students learn different components of economics and finance. During the school year, students have been keeping track of their personal “finances”. Students have been able to earn “SCHAIBERGER money” through different means in the classroom, as well as they have been required to pay for different components in the classroom. To keep track of their finances they use a personal cash accounting sheet, which is very similar to a check book ledger. As we approach our last unit of the year, the Great Depression, the 7th grade students are going to participate in multiple simulations to understand the hardships of the Great Depression. In order to ensure they understand this concept, I will need to buy different real life products that they will want to purchase. I will need multiple items for each class period (since I have 135 students), to allow them to understand components such as inflation, buying something on margin, scarcity, and other economic principles that are associated with the Great Depression...."

 Meghan Schaiberger

7th Grade Social Studies Teacher


"Thank you so much for giving me the financial assistance I needed so SmartMusic could be ordered for my classroom.  I'm very excited to start using it with my students & teaching them how they can use it in their own home if they purchase the student subscription ($36/year).  It is such a wonderful practice tool for any band student. For the $75 dollar grant that is still available to me I would really like to purchase some materials for the recorder unit  that I will use with all of my 3rd grade music students during the 3rd quarter of the school year.  I would also like to order some materials that will allow me to integrate music education with technology.  I was lucky enough to win a SMARTboard from Dr. Price-Barry and look forward to using it with my music classes.  I'll list the resources I'm requesting with this grant & their cost below here. 

 All available through a music catalog called "Music In Motion"

Recorder Karate = $34.95

Recorder Fingering & Note Flashcards = $19.95

Doozie: Interactive Musical Dice Game for SmartBoard = $14.95"

Leslie Rich
5-8 Band/3-4 General Music

Grant Submission Form


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