Volunteering is an important part of supporting a child's education and supporting your local school. We are so thankful for any way you can contribute! To be a volunteer at West Wing, you must be volunteer trained. This is a district policy and is necessary if you want to volunteer on any DVUSD campus and field trips. Volunteer training only needs to be done one time, it does not expire. Please contact the front office to find out when this training is available.

What is the PTSA?

We Support Teachers

The PSTA is here to lend support for almost 100 teachers, faculty, and staff at West Wing School.  Throughout the school year we provide morale-boosting gifts, snacks, and luncheons for every WW employee, culminating in Teacher Appreciation Week in the spring.


Additionally, we award monetary grants for teachers to purchase large items for their classrooms that benefit the students.

We Support Students

The student body of West Wing is the main reason our PTSA members volunteer countless hours for the school. We want WW to be a safe, fun, and well-equipped place for all of the kids in our community to learn each day. ​

A large percentage of our annual budget goes toward a project that will benefit every child in the school.  In the past, the PTSA has funded projects such as new sports equipment for the PE Department, beautification around campus, and many more enriching projects. 

We Are


The PTSA Executive Board is comprised of unpaid volunteers who strive to give as much back to the school as possible. Some are stay-at-home parents, but the majority have full or part-time careers in addition to volunteering for the PTSA. We welcome any WW family member who is able to help us with major events throughout the year, including the Fun Run, Restaurant Nights, Quarter Auction, Teacher Appreciation Week, & more.


We all share a common goal of making WW the best environment possible for our children.

How can I help?

Support Our Efforts

The PTSA works hard all year to provide easy, affordable fundraisers to benefit our school. Your participation in our fundraising efforts is much appreciated! Buy a membership to receive our Tuesday Newsday information, monthly newsletters, & important reminders!

If you'd like to volunteer your time at the school, please fill out the form on this page! You can also donate here

Share Your Contacts

Monetary donations are always appreciated, but we are also looking for contacts at restaurants, corporations, or brands who would be willing to donate items in bulk for our teachers.


If you have any contacts willing to make large donations of school supplies or provide luncheons, drinks, or snacks for the teacher lounge, please contact us at



West Wing PTSA welcomes everyone who would like to volunteer their time and talents to our school, but we understand that each family has different circumstances.


If you are not available during school hours, we have a number of ways you can help us achieve our annual goals.


Here are a few different ways you can get involved.

Volunteer Interest Form

Please fill out one form for each parent/guardian in your family.

I would be interested in helping with the following activities and/or committees already scheduled for the current school year. (Check all that apply)


Volunteer Interests
Would you be interested in chairing or co-chairing an event? If yes, please put in the comments what event(s).